Phlebotomy tech job description – What employers are looking for.

What employers are looking for in new phlebotomists.

The most common complaint of phlebotomists who have just been certified is that they are NOT able to land a job despite stellar credentials and agreeable background. It could be that they have been given the impression that getting into the field is painless, and that getting a job is as easy as successfully completing the certifying exams. Like any healthcare professionals, phlebotomists need to meet certain criteria – academically, clinically and personally – that are compatible with the needs of the patient and consequently, profitable for business.

To put you in a better position to prepare yourself as early, it would immensely help if you know phlebotomy tech job description – what employers are looking for. This is because prospective employers are your demand creators, and you as a service provider, are the supplier. To ensure that what you supply is relevant to the needs of the demand creators, you need to know what supplier attributes they have in mind.

These attributes are often similar, but the level of experience each facility looks for depends on their own status as a business. Hence, a start-up diagnostic clinic may be more lenient with their job description, willing to risk with newly certified phlebotomists for a fraction of the price, while the more established clinics may have more stringent duties and responsibilities to maintain their brand. It will give you a good idea of what an employer is expecting and looking for in a applicant. By knowing ahead of time what employers are looking for you can get the proper training and experience such that you stand out and get hired fast.

A generic job posting for a phlebotomist would read something like this:

Growing diagnostic laboratory is seeking a phlebotomist with at least 1 year clinical experience and is highly competent in the following: venipuncture and capillary technique for drawing blood from patients of all age groups, specifically from very young patients; drug screening by urine sample; alcohol testing by breath/saliva sample; blood draws from hard to hit veins; TestCup; and LCM/CyberTools. Ideal candidate must be a self-starter, attentive to details, energetic, patient-oriented and with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of safe blood collection and able to communicate this understanding with others.

A more detailed job posting for a phlebotomist would look something like this:

Phlebotomist: Looking for candidates with at least 3 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of venipuncture and specimen handling, tube processing and order of draw.

PHLEBOTOMIST: Ideal candidates must have excellent venipuncture technique along with tube knowledge and an understanding of the order of draw.

REQUIREMENTS:  License/Certification/Education: Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent w/1 years experience. Meet all state and local requirements for Phlebotomy in the state where you will be working.

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In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma.*
*Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Completed High School Diploma, GED or equivalent with 1 year paid experience in clinical setting.
  • Cleared drug screening and background check
  • Customer-oriented and possesses attention to detail
  • Thorough understanding of the order of the draw
  • Demonstrable competence in venipuncture
  • Demonstrable ability to perform difficult draws in hard to hit veins with no re-stick
  • Proficiency in data entry, LCM/CyberTools

Licensed or certified in the intended state of practice, and meet all other requirements as deemed appropriate by the state, including but not limited to continuing education, renewal of license every 5 years and membership in professional organizations.

Ideal candidates should be able to speak English and Spanish and also possess cross-cultural and customer service skills. Ideal candidate should also be able to demonstrate various phlebotomy techniques with the highest confidence and proficiency.

Benefits: Competitive salary, healthcare and dental insurance coverage, reimbursement for childcare and results-oriented work environment.

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