Phlebotomy Certification Program at Phillips Community College, Helena, AL

Phlebotomy Certification Training Program

The Phillips Community College Phlebotomy Certification Program is in West Helena, Alabama.  The Phillips Community College runs a Phlebotomy Certification Program for undergraduates, or for those who hold current medical certificates.  The Phillips Community College welcomes high school graduates who can demonstrate their Graduate Education Diploma, or GED.  The Phlebotomy Certification Program at the Phillips Community College also welcomes those with current or expired medical certificates to renew their skills in the field of Phlebotomy.  The Certification program is also open to those who currently practice in the field of health care and who may need to formalize the skills that they already possess. Phlebotomy Certification Program Birmingham

Phlebotomy training in a Convenient Location

Situated in a convenient location in Helena, Alabama, the Phillips Community College is a pleasant campus to gain Phlebotomy certification training.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate, or even a practicing health care professional, the Phlebotomy Certification Program, at the Phillips Community College is an ideal way to gain practical skills in a growing field of health care services.

Get your Phlebotomy career on the right track

Kick start your career as a professional health care provider by enrolling in a Phlebotomy Certification Training Program today, and enhance your career prospects.  The Phlebotomy Certification Program, at the Phillips Community College provides a combination of theoretical lessons, as well as hands on practical experience with real patients. 

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Phlebotomy Certification Training Program with a solid reputation

This means that when you graduate as a Phlebotomist from the Phillips Community College, you will graduate with a highly regarded certificate of completion, but also the practical skills and experience to begin working as a phlebotomist right away.

The Accredited Phlebotomy Certificate Program at Phillips Community College Alabama prepares Phlebotomists for a career as a allied health professional who draw blood from patients for medical testing. Every time the phlebotomy tech draws blood they are creating the patient’s blood history. To be competitive and get a job you will need to go through a Phlebotomy Certification Program. Starting salaries of most Phlebotomist ranges from $19,500 to $27,300 per year depending on job location and the individual’s work history.

At the Alabama Phillips Community College Phlebotomy Program you will take 8 class with 24 hours of class time.

Here’s a list of the classes you will take, OT 113 Medical Terminology I PLB 113 Phlebotomy Procedures CT 114 Computer Information Systems PLB 123 Special Techniques MS 1023 Elementary Algebra or higher PLB 116 Phlebotomy Skills BY 103 Intro to Anatomy and Physiology, EH 113 Freshman English.


Alabama Phillips Community College Phlebotomy Program



Phone: 870-338-6474
1000 Campus Drive
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
Degrees: Certification Program Accredited by NAACLS.

The Phillips Community College Phlebotomy Certification Program is Accredited by NAACLS.  The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) specializes in the approval of educational programs in the clinical laboratory sciences and Phlebotomy Certificate Programs. All schools listed on the site are Accredited by NAACLS.

Alabama Phlebotomy Training Schools

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