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How much does a Phlebotomist make

Phlebotomist Salary

How much does a phlebotomist make? Phlebotomist Salary A Phlebotomist is a medical health care worker who draws blood from a patient.  The average median phlebotomist salary in the USA is upwards of $40,000 per year. But this is just a statistical number, and the actual answer to how much does a Phlebotomist make, is […]

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How much does a phlebotomist make?

Phlebotomy technician salary – How much does a phlebotomist Earn? A phlebotomist earns a reasonably good wage while also providing a sense of fulfillment. Phlebotomist tech’s are also in very high demand, In an uncertain economic atmosphere where a job is not a guarantee, it would make financial sense to evaluate your options. If you plan to get a […]

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What Are the Top 5 States With the Highest Phlebotomy Tech Salary?

The Bureau of Labor statistics groups phlebotomists with medical assistants in classifying them for purposes of wage statistics. (The other closest classification is “medical and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians.” This one however focuses more on analyzing the specimens collected than just blood drawing.) According to BLS report as of May 2011, there were about […]

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